Can I Get Slim Lipo (Instead of Traditional Lipo) and Have the Fat Transferred to Buttocks?

Honestly, I'm terrified of traditional Lipo due to risk of blood clots. I am in great health, 37 year old female and mother of 4 with a nice butt, i just have too much abdomen fat (to me).

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Tumescent Liposuction with Fat Transfer

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Your best bet is to get tumescent liposuction under local tumescent anesthesia but to avoid the laser component (don't want to get Slim Lipo or Smart Lipo). Lasers liquify the fat and you want to have the fat in the solid/semi-solid state without the fat broken down since you want that fat to be viable when you transfer it.

Slim Lipo is really a subset of tumescent liposuction so you are basically getting Slim Lipo, but not getting the laser component done. Alternatively, you can harvest the fat, and then have Slim Lipo tighten the skin AFTER the fat has been harvested so that the fat won't be disrupted and can be viable when it is transferred.

Good luck.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Fat treated with laser liposuction cannot be used for fat injection

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Laser liposuction with SlimLipo is an excellent method for removing fat and tightening skin. However the fat is liquefied in the fat cells are disrupted plus you cannot use the liquefied fat after laser liposuction for fat injections in the buttocks.

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