How Effective is Slim Lipo?

I am a heavier set woman and I am scheduled to get Slim Lipo in 2 weeks and I am afraid of paying so much money and not seeing a difference. What are your thoughts on this?

Also, my first procedure is for my stomach, sides, and flanks. 2 weeks later I will be doing my arms and inner thighs, is that too short of a period in between?

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Slim Lipo and weight

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If you are not at your desired body weight, you are not a good candidate for this surgery.  This is body contour surgery, and not weight reduction.  You may not see a big difference if you are overweight.  Also, be sure you are having your surgery performed by a board certified plastic surgery, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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The effectiveness of laser assisted lipo (eg. Slimlipo) has not been established.

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I offer laser assisted liposuction to my patients with the caveat that they are, in effect, trial balloons.  There is little science backing up the "tightening" effects of laser assisted lipo although there are some theoretical possibilities.  They will remain theoretical until the companies finance real research.  Until then, they are, in my opinion, experimental devices. 

How effective is Slim Lipo

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I agree with your surgeon's advice about staging the procedures. I do this in cases where there are many areas involved or the areas have large amounts of fatty tissue. Two weeks in between procedures is fine as long as local anesthesia or sedation is used.I would wait a month in between if you are having general anesthesia.

I would not go back in the same area for at least three months because healing has to take place and swelling has to resolve prior to performing another Slim Lipo procedure. The beauty about Slim Lipois that the skin with tighten and the results will be better than with traditional liposuction.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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I have had excellent results with Slim Lipo

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I have been very happy with the results I have achieved with SlimLipo. Smooth skin and skin tightening have been excellent.

Heavier patients with more fat require longer more extensive procedures which may be why your doctor plans two stages. I usually like to wait about 3 months between procedures just to allow for post operative recovery and healing.

You can read morte about this technique in the reference sited below

See before and after photos of Slim Lipo.

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