Slim in Shape but Would Like Wider Hips?

I am 25 and have two kids. I'm 5'6 and weigh 137 my stomach is not the tightest but it is flat besides my little c-secton pouch. I dont have extra fat to transfer and dont want a bigger butt. I am black and hispanic so my breast size and butt size is actually convinient for me. but i have very narrow hips. I would like more of a shape but How would I get wider hips without doing a fat transfer or having to get a bigger butt?

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Hip Fat Transfer

Hips can be made larger by fat Transfer to the hips.You probably have some fat that can be removed from areas you do not  want and transfer that fat to the hips to give wider, rounder curves

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Slim in Shape but Would Like Wider Hips?

    You can always consider hip implants.  The hips do not require nearly as much fat as the buttocks to produce a nice change.  Even if you think yourself very thin, I can usually get this amount without trouble.   


Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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