Is It Possible to Slim Down to a 3 or 5 After I Recover from my Lipo if I Keep my Diet & Exiersice at 100%?

Hello!Im 19 years old, before my lipo Processure which Included upper&lower back, upper&lower abs, waist & arms I was 5'7 at 157pds. after knocking down 70pds, belly was still an issue. My weight goal is 135.I had my surgery 8 days ago & I am fully aware this was just to sculpture my body but my PS told me I will be loosing a few sizes, which I am excited about.I was size 7/9, Dresses: 6/8.I gained about 5 pounds right after my surgery.As of today I am back to 159.He removed 3.5 liters of fat.

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Slimming after liposuction

understand that Liposuction is a procedure not intended for weight loss but rather for body sculpting. body. u can lose weight if you keep up a healthy lifestyle but there is no guarantee that u wil lose more inches.   

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