Slightly Unfolding the Left Ear's Antihelical Fold (photo)

I naturally have prominent uneven ears, with a sharp antihelical fold in my LEFT ear. I had Otoplasty two weeks ago to correct that, and my doctor pinned both ears back and sharpened the RIGHT ear's antihelical fold. Unfortunately, he did nothing to correct the sharp antihelical fold in my LEFT ear (i.e. slightly unfold it) to make my ears look even. What are my options at this point? Can I do another Otoplasty to slightly unfold the LEFT ear's antihelical fold? The asymmetry is bothering me...

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Early asymmetry after otoplasty

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Early asymmetries are not unusual after otoplasty.  Speak with your surgeon in regards to specifics in your case.  Although there is no formal guideline, most patients benefit from waiting 6 months to a year before a revision procedure.

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Left Ear

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Sure, after six to twelve months for healing so that you may obtain the best possible revision result that can be surgically achieved.

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