Recovery Time for Slight Nose Hump Removal?

I am getting a nose job in the next month. I have a slight bump on the side of the bridge of my nose from past trauma. I am getting the hump removed and my surgeon has said he will try to avoid breaking my nose if it can be avoided.

I have a wedding to go to in 8 weeks and am wondering if most of the swelling should be gone by then? I am not getting anything done to the tip and wonder if this means my nose won't stay as swollen?

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Slight hump removal, slight swelling time

You should look fine in 8 weeks. You and your surgeon may know you are slightly swollen but no one else will. The bruising will be gone as well in a few weeks.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

By eight weeks, you should be ready to go out in public. You will continue to have swelling for many months to a year or more. During the prolonged healing phase, although you will look good, you will notice subtle changes occuring, like the fine detail the surgeon put into the surgery will become visible.

Bruising is another topic. Usually it is gone by a couple of weeks, but lower lid bruising can last for several weeks.

Rhinoplasty swelling usually has gone down by 2 months


Most rhinoplasty swelling (with or without "breaking" your nose bones) should be gone within two months. There is always some residual swelling for about 6 months, but most people are socially presentable within one month of rhinoplasty. So 8 weeks should give you plenty of time. Best of luck.

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Recovery time for nose job (rhinoplasty)

As long as there is only a slight bump on the bridge, this can be easily filed down without having to re-break or re-set the nose unless the nose itself is crooked. A moderate to large bump, once removed, will leave open roof deformity or a flattop nose, for which osteotomies and re-breaking of the nasal bones will have to be performed to narrow the sidewall to make the nose look appropriate. Most swelling settles in the tip, and if no tip surgery is performed there will be speedier healing with regards to the rhinoplasty. You should be fine for the wedding.

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Recovery time after Rhinoplasty

Eight weeks will be adequate time for recovery, especially if osteotomies are not necessary. Prolonged swelling is more likely when tip work is done. Even if the osteotomies are done, you should look forward to enjoying the wedding.

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Nose job 8 weeks before your wedding

In an uncomplicated situation, well over 90% of the swelling will have resolved at 8 weeks after surgery. Typically this will not be obvious to your public and I believe, that you could proceed with surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Recovery time from a rhinoplasty

Hi Whirls - It sounds as though you should be fine for the wedding. Most of the swelling should resolve by then, but for very complex rhinoplasties the swelling may take up to 1 year to resolve. Even if your bones are broken, the bruising should resolve within 6-8 weeks as well. Good luck and have fun at the wedding!

Recovery period for nose hump removal


When tip work is performed, there is usually more swelling. And swelling in the tip takes longer to go down as well. Depending on whether or not it's a bony hump, you may need osteotimies after the hump removal. And possibly even spreader grafts to stabilize the nose

By 8 weeks, swelling for a hump reduction will go down considerably. It would be best to talk with your surgeon, as he/she knows the extent of your procedure and exactly what will be performed. They may give the best advice on how long swelling will last. Thank you, and best of luck to you.

Dr. Nassif

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

This really depends on how much work is done. You might have some swelling but should not be very noticeable. I would not wear any glasses until you are about 8-10 weeks out from your surgery.

In general if there is a big hump that is removed, the nose needs to be broken to narrow the dorsum, because removal of a bid hump does tend to leave a wide dorsum if the osteomy is not done and you may have what is called an open roof.

Good luck.

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The majority of nasal swelling is gone 3 weeks after Rhinoplasty Surgery.

You should be fine to attend a wedding 8 weeks after Rhinoplasty Surgery. Even if you require osteotomies to narrow your nose after bump removal, you should be fine.

You should know that your bridge will widen after bump removal, so in-fracturing of your nasal bones should be considered.

I've attached my Rhinoplasty gallery that demonstrates patients as early as 3 weeks following surgery.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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