Slight Bottoming out At 6 Weeks?

Hi, I got 275cc mod+ silicone gel unders 7 months ago. At 6 weeks I noticed my rt implant to be lower, and ps said I had slightly bottomed out. My left has dropped, and they look good. My bottoming out hasn't changed since 6 weeks when I noticed it. Is it safe to say that it is stable? Will it stay where it is?

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Implant Position Correction May be Helpful

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What hould you do if one implant has dropped significantly more than the other many months after surgery?   Well, first, see if the difference is noticable in a bathing suit or clothes.  If it is not and it does not really bother you, it may be really minor and not worth a surgical revision.   If one side has fallen much lower than the other side, a revisional procedure known as a capsulorrhapy may be helpful.  In this procedure, the implant pocket is tightened with sutures.  It is often the case that the side which dropped was either a bit lower or thinner in terms of breast tissue thickness than the higher side.

Hope this helps and best wishes!


Dr. Bresnick

Breast Implants' Position Stable 7 Months After Surgery?

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As you can imagine, it is not possible to give you precise advice online. However, the great majority of breast implant position change has already occurred by 7 months. Any further changes will  likely be minimal.

 I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon;  only time will tell exactly where the breast implants will end up eventually.

Best wishes.

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