Is Slight Bleeding and Draining Normal After Having Buttock Implants?

i just had buttocks implants done on the 21st of april.i had dissolvable stitches and they have dissovled but im not closed all the way i started bleeding really bad two days after i got home but now it's draining some clear fluid along with a little blood and my question is"is this normail"?

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Is Slight Bleeding and Draining Normal After Having Buttock Implants?

This is something that requires a visit to your surgeon soon so that he/she can personally examine if you are healing OK or not.  If there is a wound healing problem, it may very well be treated without any further complication or compromise to a good overall outcome but time is of the essence so make that appointment asap.  Best of luck...

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Buttock augmentation

You need to see your plastic surgeon ASAP to make sure there is no problem with the healing

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Draining after buttock implant

I am afraid that you may be developing a seroma.  This needs to be addressed by your plastic surgeon to make sure that it not infected and no other procedures are required.  You are in the right time frame post surgery for something like this.

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