Slight Bleeding After Lipo?

I had BodyTite lipo on my breasts for gynecomastia. I'm 11 days post-op and have been healing very well. Today when I removed the topifoam under the compression garment to shower, I noticed a few (like 2-3) drops of blood on the toipfoam. I looked at the incision site and saw just a tiny little amount of blood almost dried about a dime size above the incision site. Nothing too worrisome, right? My PS said today's the last day i need to wear the topifoam, should i still wear it to be safe? Thanks

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Bleeding after liposuction is very common.  But I do not think that several drops is too much to worry about.

I would go with what your plastic surgeon says.  Personally I do not use Topifoam.  I have found that, with prolonged use, it causes blisters.  I think, therefore, you will be safe just with a regular compression garment.  Congratulations.  I hope this helps.


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That does not sound worrisome, without an exam we can’t be exact. If you saw you’re PS and he didn’t sound worry you should be ok. Be careful not to do anything entrain activities. Keep you incision clean, dry and in tacked. Using gauze on your incision can protect it from rubbing against your vest.


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