Slightly Asymmetric / Palpable Cheek Implants - How Difficult to Revise?

Had the surgery done only a few days ago, midface rim implant. RHS implant is almost imperceptable to touch & hard to know where bone ends/implant starts, which is great. Inner edge of LHS however is quite palpable near inner nose which suggests non swelling related asymetry. LHS seems to be higher than RHS, and I think I can see it through the skin. How difficult is it to revise? Implant is medpor and screwed in. With Local anes possible? Would swelling be same as orig surg?

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Asymmetric implants

Don't revise yet, as you still have some swelling. This may mask the real appearance of your results.

Once the swelling has settled if you still have asymmetry then a revision should be fairly easy assuming the implants are made from silicon material.

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