Is It Possible to Slighlty Raise the Outer Corners of my Nostrils and of my Lips by Injecting Fillers into my Cheeks?

I have set up an appointment with a plastic surgeron for a rhinoplasty consultation. I want him to reduce the caudal over-growth of my nasal septum and narrow the width of my nose. However, I feel like, once the caudal portion of my nasal septum will be reduced, the tip of my nose will point up too high. Since the corners of my lips are a little bit too low, I was wondering if dermal fillers injected into my cheeks, near the nose, could raise the outer corners of my nostrils and of my lips.

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Dear youngwoman19,

  • It depends on your exam, you can experiment with lifting parts of the cheek or lip to see where filler would work
  • You may just want filler in the lower lip to raise the corners as well
  • Occasionally I do fat transfers during rhinoplasty to fill in areas for a better balance of the face, in a nice looking, permanent way

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Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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