Looking For Harmony Between Chin And Rest Of Face- Suggestions?

Looking for some advice on what to do with my chin. I do have an overbite, and I do not want to move my jaw and realign my teeth. I have a very naturally deep mental crease/fold. I’m looking to improve 4 areas. Reduce my deep mental fold / crease. Create a better angle in profile from chin to neck. cervicomental angle Improve Jaw line to be more defined. Harmony with chin and rest of face. Possibly adding vertical and horizontal height. What would you recommend?

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Face symmetry

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Because of the overbite and deep mental crease you present a challenrge. My advice is to stick with something simple and possibly very workable as a first suggestion. I would do a filler to the mental crease and simple liposuction to the submental area. If this fails to make the difference you want then more aggressive work can be done.

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