Sliding Genioplasty Titanium Plate Allergy Risk?

What is the risk of having an allergic reaction to the titanium plate used in the sliding genioplasty? I have heard of some people having an allergy develop after the titanium as been in them for some time. What would be done if you had a reaction but the bone had not fully healed together yet so you could not remove it? Also, this particular metal is not dangerous to the human body correct? Unlike mercury or lead etc. Thank you for your time!

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The Safety of Titanium Plates and Screws in the Face

Titanium is not a non-ferromagnetic metal, meaning it does not corrode and there are no immunologic reactions to it. I have never heard of an allergic reaction to titanium plates and screws in the face which is why all such devices are composed of this metal alloy today.Titanium is the safest metal implant known today...right behind that of gold. Plates and screws mahy one day get loose and cause an irritation but this should be confised with an allergic reaction. In the chin, the fixation hardware always get partially or completely covered by bone so the need for future removal woulod be very rare I have never yet seen it.

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