Sliding Genioplasty or Some Other Surgery? (photo)

I have a short, square, underprojected chin, which gives my face a somewhat froglike appearance. I am considering sliding genioplasty to lengthen it and move it slightly forward. I do also have a slight overbite. So, I was wondering if the sliding genioplasty would be enough to fix my appearance or if my overbite is the bigger problem and I need some type of overbite correction surgery which will also help my chin. Are they any other options that would help me

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Chin augmentation and overbite

Sliding genioplasty is a great way to advance the chin bone and lengthen the face as well. It won't move the teeth into better allignment though. Corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) can do both, however. You may want to check with your dentist of an oral surgeon about your options regarding fixing your teeth. If you're not concerned about your tooth allignment, sliding genioplasty alone can be done and would help your appearance.

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Sliding Genioplasty vs. Jaw Advancement For Chin Retrusion

You clearly are young and have a malocculsion with an overbite/underbite tooth relationship. Your first step is to visit with an orthodontist and see whether it is adviseable and worthwhile for you to have orthognathic surgery. (mandibular advancement) This will change both your bite and the horizontal position of your chin. If you decide you want to live with your jaw position and your existing bite for the remainder of your life, then a sliding genioplasty would be an ideal solution for your chin retrusion.

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Sliding genioplasty

The sliding genioplasty will bring the entire mandible forward and teeth into better alignment.  The sliding genioplasty procedure is done by an oral surgeon in a hospital with an overnight stay.  The chin implant can be done under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.  A chin implant will take approximately 30 minutes to insert but will have no effect on the overbite.

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