Sliding Genioplasty + Jaw Implants or Custom Chin + Jaw Implants?

I have a deep mentolabial fold and a short chin. That's the biggest thing i want to improve ( i think the best way to improve is with vertical genioplasty). But my jaw is also vertical a bit short. When i would get a genioplasty and jaw implants would these connect with each other ? How much can a (custom) vertical chin implant augment in mm ? And how much can genioplasty augment in mm ? What is better for me genioplasty + jaw implants or Wrap around jaw implant ? Thank you very much.

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Best Method For Total Jawline Enhancement

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The only way to effectively lengthen the entire jawline from one side to the other in a smooth fashion is a custom vertical lengthening implant. A cm. of vertical lengthening can usually be achieved. A sliding genioplasty and jaw angle implants will likely not touch each other unless the jaw angle implants are custom made to do so. A sliding genioplasty can add up to 10mms of vertical length which is usually more than enough for most patients. In looking at your pictures, I think you would be best served by a vertically lengtening genioplasty and jaw angle implants.The debate is whether those jaw angle implants should be custom made or off-the-shelf implants. Your vertical jaw deficiency is not enough to warranty a complete wrap around custom implant.

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