Is a Sliding Genioplasty or Chin Implant Recommended? (photo)

Do you advise getting a sliding genioplasty or chin implant to make chin more masculine and especially in adding vertical and horizontal height. I understand that chin implants usually increase the chin horizontally while sliding genioplasty usually lengthen the chin vertically but I was hoping for a procedure that aids in both height and length. Is it possible to get chin implants with extended vertical length since I heard they are usually a safer operation? I have included photos also

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Chin surgery - what is best?

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In your case, I'd recommend a genioplasty.  As you said, it can provide you with added projection in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions, which you would benefit from. There are extended chin implants, but they fail to correct any vertical deficiency.  Additionally, a chin implant will cause resorption of the bone in the long term (especially a silicone implant).  I recommend genioplasty for younger patients for this reason...the recovery time is only slightly longer than a chin implant.

See a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in both chin implants and genioplasty in your area to discuss the pros and cons of these procedures before making your decision.

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Either approach can accomplish your goal

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Thanks for posting the pictures and your question.  A chin implant can accomplish your goal of adding both vertical height and  horizontal projection.  For men, I like using Terrino Square I implants from Implantec.  I'd suggest in intra-oral approach.  The implant creates a more masculine jawline.  It is a much less more invasive procedure than a sliding genioplasty, although a sliding genioplasty gives you and your surgeon more degrees of control.  

We use image morphing software to determine what would work best for our patients.  That would be a good starting point to see if the chin implant will give you the correction you desire.  Hope that helps your consideration.  Best - Dr. Kaufman

Sliding genioplasty or chin implant

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A sliding genioplasty is recommended when the teeth and jaw are misaligned and the chin is retrusive.  The amount of increase in vertical height of the chin can be adjusted with the osteotomy.  This is an extensive surgery that requires an in-hospital stay.  A chin implant will give some degree of vertical height and lateral width, but the majority of the improvement is the projection.  The angle of the mandible from the ear to the chin is at a downward slope, so when a chin implant is placed, it adds vertical height.  The chin implant is performed under a local anesthesia.

William Portuese, MD
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Chin implant vs Genioplasty

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I think you're asking the right questions. A sliding genioplasty is an invasive procedure, but you want the best outcome possible. When weighing the risks versus the benefits, I believe your goals will be achieved best by a chin implant.

Implant is the choice

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Based on the photos and your desires, a chin implant is the best choice. Have computer imaging done so you can what can be achieved. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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Chin Implant or Sliding Genioplasty?

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I think you will have an excellent result with a chin implant. As you stated a sliding genioplasty is a more difficult procedure with longer recovery and more risks. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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