Sliding Genioplasty and Type 1 Diabetes?

I know the genioplasty includes numbness on the face etc, but I was wondering if I'm still a candidate for a Sliding genioplasty when I'm a type 1 diabetic? Doctors say that diabetics have a weaker immune system, yet I seem to never to catch a cold nor getting the typical seasonal flu. I'm worried that surgeons will refuse to operate when they learn that I'm a type 1 diabetic. Is this the case? Would you perform a sliding genioplasty on a type 1 diabetic patient? Thanks!

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Diabates and Surgery

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If your diabetes is well controlled it is unlikely it would be an issue. Given that you are electing for bony work over a foreign body you are less likely to have an immunosuppresive related infection

Sliding genioplasty and diabetes

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Having type I diabetes shouldn't be a contra-indication to having a sliding genioplasty as long as your diabetes is well controlled. You would want to check with your doctor who manages your diabetes control to make sure it is okay to have surgery.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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