Do I Need Sliding Genioplasty and Jaw Contouring as Advised or Can I Have a Chin Implant and Facelift Instead? (photo)

I am 37 years old with a very unbalanced face. I have no chin with fat and i have a square face & lack a defined jaw line. My lower face sags and i also have lips that protrudes upwards.I do not have a big problem with my bite.Please dvise what can i do to improve my looks?I have seen a PS and have been advised to get sliding genioplasty and jaw contouring and later a fully face lift.Another advised i get a nose job. Is an implant ok? How can i balance my face and improve my face?Please advise.

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Chin implant and neck lift

 A chin implant  can give  the illusion of a longer jawline adding a projection to a  recessive chin. A neck lift involves removing fat above and below the platysma muscle to recontour the  jaw and neck line. Both procedures can be performed together for best results.  Please see  the link below for examples of chin implant a neck lift  performed in our practice

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Do I Need Sliding Genioplasty and Jaw Contouring as Advised or Can I Have a Chin Implant and Facelift Instead?

      A chin implant coupled with either submental liposuction or a neck lift will produce a nice improvement.  The decision to proceed with liposuction or a neck lift can only be made after physical exam to determine if there is significant platysmal laxity component and subplatysmal fat component.  Find a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of facelifts and facial procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Chin Contouring and Neck Liposuction For Complete Neck Improvement

A chin implant or sliding genioplasty will improve the contours of your chin very well. These procedures provide jaw contouring so jaw contouring would usually not be an additional procedure. The chin surgery will improve the overall contour of the neck but may not be enough improvement for many people. Neck liposuction usually works very well for people with excess neck fat that causes sagging or fullness of the neck. Neck liposuction will work well for people with good skin elasticity so the skin will shrink as the fat is removed and healing progresses. People with loose, sagging neck skin may need a neck lift or face lift to remove the excess, loose skin, or liposuction may not produce the result they desire.

It appears from the photos that you have adequate neck skin elasticity to get a good result with chin augmentation and liposuction alone.

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