Candidate For Sliding Genioplasty? Unhappy With Chin Implant.

i had a chin implant, but my profile and front view still are too short in vertical length. is a sliding genioplasty right for me. my totally face length is 6.75 inches long so i feel like my face 'needs' more length. thanks!! 

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Sliding genioplasty for the most beautiful result! AVOID chin implants!

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You are absolutely correct.  Chin implants should generally be reserved for the elderly who cannot tolerate anything more than minimal surgery and healing.  Chin implants cannot ever change the vertical height of the lower third of the face nor can they significantly change width and projection is limited.  The down side of chin implantation is that patients ALWAYS have both soft tissue and bone errosion which assures someone like you that you will need a more complex surgery to fix the damage caused by the implant.  Furthermore there is a lifetime risk of infection extrusion and nerve compression to name a few.  I almost never place facial implants simply because there are better ways to handle the chin and an implant will never look as good as a well planned and executed sliding genioplasty.  By tailoring the osteotomy at a bias, the exact preoperatively planned chin position is easily attained to 'unlock' the beauty of your face by restoring harmonic balance. 

I respectfully disagree with the other answer.  My training is in Plastic and reconstructive surgery with additioonal craniofacial training and I would dissuade any young person from getting an implant placed in their face!

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Sliding genioplasty

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In 25 years of practice I have done over 700 chin implants . I have done zero sliding genioplasties. I think the operation is high risk, difficult and generally, judging by the results I have seen, cosmetically inferior. It may be good for more serious craniofacial deformities but for basic micrognathia problems it is a terrible choice. Also looking at your pictures I think your basic result as best I can tell seems fine. I would do nothing

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