Will Revising my Belly Button Make my Abs Look Better? Will the Darker Spots Fade over Time? (photo)

It has been 7 months since the surgery. I am not very happy with the results.

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Lack of subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen with surface irregularities

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The most striking feature of your abdomen is the lack of subcutaneous tissue.  This is causing an irregularity to your abdomen.  The dark spot is unusual, it is possibly a hemosiderin deposit remaining from bruising and should resolve over time.  I do not see that you need a revision of the umbilicus.  

Revisions after abdominoplasty surgery

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It is always so difficult to give specific medical advice, when I am only able to see limited photographic visuals.  Generally, it is best to wait close to one year from an original surgical date before having any revision surgery that may be necessary.  Many changes occur over that first year. Hyper pigmentation very often resolves on its own.  Sun avoidance is important when postoperative hyper pigmentation occurs. You should consult with your board certified plastic surgeon for answers specific to your particular problem.

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