My left eyebrow and a little above is lifted higher than my right. Happened after the birth of my daughter a year ago. (photos)

It becomes even worse when im stressed or tensed. I feel like my eyebrow and above is being pushed on. It's not just the eyebrow but also the skin above my eyebrow. You can tell something is off. I never had this issue until after having my second baby. I can feel this tightness in my eyebrow. I asked my dermatologist and he just said its part of my symmetrical. But it isn't cause it hasn't always been this way. Thank you!

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Left eyebrow higher than right

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It is a bit difficult to tell for sure, with only the photos you provided, but it is possible that you could have ptosis of one or both upper eyelids.  This occurs when a muscle in the upper eyelid becomes weakened.  The left one could be worse, which frequently causes the brow to raise to try and compensate.  I would consult with an oculoplastic surgeon, or a facial plastic or plastic surgeon, that has experience with ptosis repair.  If you do have ptosis, this can normally be corrected with a surgical procedure.    

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