I had sinuses surgery one year ago and I'm still feeling no change. I still feel stopped up. I'm angry

Paid all this money suffered all this pain and still now a year latter still stuffed up can't breath out of nose why MD musta not done job right in at wits end nose is dry as hell can't breath

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The problem needs further evaluation and insight

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There are many reasons for persistent nasal obstruction after sinus surgery.  These include persistent nasal septal deviation, nasal polyps, nasal valve stenosis, and chronic allergies.  Generally I will start anew and inspect the nasal cavity and sinuses to see what the residual problem(s) might be.  It could be something as easy as nasal polyps that have to be removed.  An expert sinus surgeon can assist directing you in the right direction.  I would not give up hope simply because there isn't improvement today after your surgery.

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Congestion after surgery

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I'm saddened to hear that you're outcome isn't what you hoped. It would be helpful to know what you had done and what was the underlying problem. Sometimes it's poor surgical execution or there was a missed diagnosis such as nasal valve stenosis. If there are polyps then they may not have been completely removed. Seek another opinion by a surgeon skilled in sinus and nasal surgery. Best wishes 

Mark Loury, MD, FACS
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