I experienced paradoxical hypertrichosis and PIH after laser hair removal, should I attempt it again?

I am Fitzgerald III-IV w/ acne prone underwent about 5 sessions of facial laser hair removal w/ gentle yah Nd:yag laser. At my 3rd sessionn, I noticed PIH. I tried hydroquinone 8%, then tretinoin0.05% /hydroquinone6%/triamcinolone 0.025% Combo which caused breakouts w/ more scarring. The issue is now I have severe facial hypertrichosis. I am attempting electrolysis but it is incredibly time consuming. With my history, should I not attempt laser hair removal again for hypertrichosis?

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Paradoxical hair growth with LHR

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This is typically a problem with patients of mediterranean heritage but can occur with all skin types. The fine hairs of the face are most susceptible. I don't often do LHR to the face for this reason. Also, under treating with "safer settings" can lead to this. I would not get further treatments at this facility. Consider another opinion but most likely the hairs are thinner than they were and are even harder to treat now. This is a touch problem.

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