Where did Bellafill go?

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Thank you for your question. Bellafill is composed of a local anesthetic lidocaine and microsphere-enhanced natural collagen gel. Over time, the collagen is absorbed by the body, while the microspheres create a matrix that supports production of your body's own collagen, resulting in lasting correction. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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Where Did the Bellafill Go?

Bellafill does not migrate and really does not "go" anywhere.  It is a permanent filler.  Your swelling will go away. along with any bruising you may have had but the Bellafill is still there in the same volume that was added at your treatment.  You may have not had enough to get the results you are looking for though.  This can especially be true if you had your injections done by an inexperienced Bellafill injector who places the Bellafill deep or does not understand the amount of volume required to get the results you are looking for.

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Bellafill - permanant solution?

Hi.  The initial fullness from Bellafill comes from the collagen that was injected.  That dissapates over a month or two and then your own collagen begins to build as a reaction to the particles.  This may take a couple of months.  Bellafill is a staged filler.  You need to have it injected more than once.  Hope this helps. 

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Bellafill results

Results after a Bellafill treatment can take a few months to occur.  This happens gradually over time.  In most cases, multiple treatment sessions are needed to gradually obtain the desired outcome.  

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Building Collagen with Bellafill

It is currently creating the foundation for long-term collagen. Be patient. It can take a few months for your final results. If you're looking for immediate volume, facial fillers can add fullness. See an expert. Best Dr. Emer

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Bellafill results take months to fully appreciate

It is going to take a few months for the collagen to be replaced with your own. It keeps getting better and better over 3-6 months. Often patients need more in the future.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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