Can Sleeping on my Stomach After Bbl Surgery Cause Silicone Implant to Rupture?

I had a bbl 2 weeks ago and my silicone implants about 2 years ago. Since I have been sleeping on my stomach my breast are painful and I am hoping its just a muscle pain because I don't usually sleep like that. But, I am concerned about the added pressure causing my silicone implants to rupture. Should I just sleep on my side - rotating sides every now and then?

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Implants are quite sturdy!!

Breast implants are very sturdy devices.  You may enjoy viewing some videos on YouTube demonstrating just how sturdy they are.  If you are experiencing pain, I would recommend you contact and follow up with your surgeon.

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Positioning during recovery from BBL

You should sleep on your side and your stomach rotating between each position. The discomfort you're feeling with your silicone implants is probably due to just the pressure that you're placing on them by sleeping on your stomach. The force of sleeping on your stomach will not ruptured implants.

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Sleeping on you stomach after a BBL will not damage implants

Sleeping on your stomach will not cause the implants to rupture.  If it is making you sore then consider using some pillows.  

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Can Sleeping on my Stomach After Bbl Surgery Cause Silicone Implant to Rupture?

        Breast implants are very durable and are difficult to rupture with blunt force trauma of any kind.  You can always rotate side to side if you are more comfortable that way. 



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