After Eyebrow Hair Implants, Fear of Rubbing Area While Sleeping?

I am getting eyebrow implants in a few weeks. I am concerned about sleeping as the area needs to be uncovered and untouched for 4 -7 days. My Dr has told me to sleep on my back for 4 nights, I feel this is impossible as we naturally move and rub our face in our sleep. Can you offer any advice as to how I can avoid the area getting touched and what the dangers are of me losing the newly implants individual hairs if I do so? Many thanks S

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Fear of rubbing eyebrows transplants

IF this is a real fear, then you can tie down your hands at night. I have had to do this with a few patients who had this happen. Most people don't rum their transplants

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Talk with your doctor about your concerns.

It is relatively difficult to completely dislodge implanted grafts.  You have to have have some precautions.  While your fears are well noted, you need to discuss post operative care with your doctor.

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Eyebrow Transplant Follow-Up Care

I would speak with your surgeon for his/her preferred method offered to patients to address sleeping on your back. Sleeping with your head and upper back may assist with rolling on your side, as well as “body pillows” on each side of you. Soft gloves or mittens might help if you are worried about rubbing your face while asleep. Your surgeon may also be able to suggest some sort of protective eyewear that still allows your eyebrows to be left uncovered.

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Avoid rubbing eyebrow transplants at night

You might try to sleep with the back and head elevated on 3-4 pillows. You are less likely to roll over on your sides. However, this is not guaranteed. Few people rub their eye areas while sleeoing, however if this is a known habit of yours, you might discuss this further with your doctor and see what ideas come up regarding control of your hands or some sort of protective eyewear to have on at night. . Perhaps some large sumglasses, secured with a strap behind the head, that are high eneough to protect the eyebrows .

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