I've Not Been Able to Sleep Since I Had my Breast Reduction. is That Normal?

Hi guys, I am exactly one week and one day post op and since I'm not much of a medicne taker I've reduced the amount of pain meds that I was taking to zero. Prior to me doing this I was able to sleep but now I'm having night sweats and the inability to sleep. I don't feel like I was addicted at all.... Help! This is frustrating me.

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Not Sleeping after Breast Reduction?

I'm sorry to hear about the sleeplessness you have experienced after surgery. It is possible that you have experienced mild “withdrawal” after stopping  medications abruptly. Talk to your plastic surgeon and see if he/she feels of this may be the case; if so you may want to wean off the medication more gradually.

 Also,  as you become more active,  hopefully fatigue will become more of an issue and you will be able to  resume sleeping normally. This will also be true as you are able to start sleeping in positions that you are more accustomed to sleeping in.  Many patients feel that they are not able to sleep as long as they are lying on their backs…

 Again, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource;  run your questions/concerns by him/her as well.

Best wishes.

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