Should I Avoid Sitting and Sleeping on my Back After Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Can I sleep on my back and should I avoid sitting after lollipop lift with implants and lipo with fat transferred into my butt? I just underwent a lollipop lift with implants and liposuction on my back, outer thighs, hips, back and stomach. He then injected 220 cc's of my own fat into my each butt cheek. He never told me I can't sit on my butt because he said its all in the upper part of the butt. Can i sleep on my back?

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Should I Avoid Sitting and Sleeping on my Back After Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

I believe laying on your back would be worse then sitting due to the pressure on the buttocks. I advise patients to stay off the grafted areas for 1-2 weeks. Try sleeping on your side.

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I recommend that my patients don't sit for 2 weeks after having the Brazilian Butt Lift...

I always recommend following your surgeons recommendations. If you saw his before and after photos and liked his results, then I assume he probably told those patients the same thing and that he knows what he is talking about. We, as Plastic Surgeons, all have different techniques and different recommendations that we have found to work with our techniques. I personally recommend that my patients do not sit for at least 2 weeks. I know of some who recommend 4-5 weeks, and others that only recommend a few days.

I also recommend to my patients that they not lay on their back after the Brazilian Butt Lift, but nor can they lay on their stomach after having a breast lift. But if I were you, I would discuss this with your surgeon.   Those are details that I always discuss with patients prior to surgery. Hopefully your surgeon did too.

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