What Should I Do About Slanting Nose?

I have a nose that slants sideways. It gets commented on a lot of times like at work, etc. I'm sensitive about it; but after a couple of consultations, the surgeons have told me that this is too minor a thing to have an operation for. What should I do? Find a surgeon who will agree to operate or follow the advice of the other surgeons and put up with the teasing?

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It depends on exactly what the problem is and how good the surgeon is.

Without seeing a photo of your nose, it is difficult to say. Try to find a surgeon in your area who does a large number of noses and ones that you like. He should be able to tell you if you have realistic expectations and if the risk benefit ratio is in your favor or not. If he sounds like a salesman, go elsewhere.

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Slanting nose

It would be helpful if you could post some pictures.

"Crooked noses" often result from deflections in the nasal bones or the septum that can readily be improved.

If the issue is bothering you to the extent that it seems to, you definitely owe it to yourself to see three prominent board certified plastic surgeons who are comfortable performing nasal surgery. If they all agree that your problem is uncorrectable, that is telling and it may not be advisable to have surgery.

You will know you are in the right place if you do find a responsible surgeon who listens carefuly to your concerns, and, if appropriate, comes up with a very coherent, understandable, reasonable plan to address your concerns.

All responsible surgeons will agree on one point: it is not wise to do surgery that is meddlesome or "predatory", that is operating on a patient who is self-conscious about a problem that cannot be fixed.

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You can always find a surgeon who will operate...but beware.

You raised an interesting point by asking whether you should find a surgeon who will agree to operate. With enough effort, one can always find a surgeon willing to operate, but that doesn't necessarily make it the right choice. Certainly singer Michael Jackson has always been able to find a surgeon to operate on him. So has "the cat lady" Jocelyn Wildenstein. In my opinion, reasonable surgeons would turn them down.

It may well be that the reason surgeons have been discouraging you from surgery is because the risk of a bad result is greater than the risk of a good result for your particular anatomy. Ideally, if the surgeon turns you down, he/she should be able to tell you why. It may be that it's not fixable. It may be that it's just not fixable by that surgeon, but in that case, the surgeon should be able to say who you should see for another opinion.

If you're getting too many "No's" from the surgeons, though, perhaps their consensus is correct.

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Follow your professional's advice.

If you have seen qualified professionals and they have advised you against performing the procedure, I would follow their recommendations.

It is likely that the degree of correction you seek may be difficult to achieve and could easily result in over-correction or under-correction.

It is not that they do not appreciate your dissatisfaction with the appearance but that it amy be difficult to accomplish your goals given the limitations of operating within a biological context.

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Slanted, deviated, and crooked nose treatment


I'm sorry to hear your co-workers comment on your nose. Options are available.

Deviated nose are common. The bridge, middle, or tip of the nose may be crooked. The entire nose may be twisted. Sometime the external nose is straight, but the internal nose and nasal septum is deviated.

Slanted noses are usually developmental and congenital. Trauma is another major reason some noses slant.

Many options exist to straighten a nose. Rhinoplasty surgery, deviated septum surgery, septoplasty are the best options. Minor imperfections, asymmetry, and slanting may be treated with small injections, in order to avoid surgery.

Photographs of your face and nose from different angles will help provide you a better answer.

Speak with several plastic surgeons and determine whether treatement is appropriate for you.

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Slanted nose can be straightened.

If the nose is slanted sideways it can be reset back to its normal anatomical straight position. This is usually done with a combination of medial and lateral osteotomies and sometimes with spreader grafts. Other tip surgery can be performed to further make the nose more symmetrical so as to be naturally balanced with the remainder of the face.

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A Non-surgical Rhinoplasty may help you.

 If there is a slight slant that you'd like to correct, sometimes injectable fillers can be used to straighten your nose's appearance.

Feel free to post / email me a full frontal picture of your face, and I'll be happy to provide more specific advice.

Best regards.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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