I was wondering how long the Skintyte laser treatment lasts and how much it costs?

Is this good for the treatment of cellulites and wrinkling underarms. Are there any physicians in the Washington, DC area that offer this treatment?

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Skintyte laser for underarms and cellulite

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The Skintyte laser marketed by Sciton tightens skin by using heat as a stimulator for collagen growth.  Two to three treatments are required, depending on the protocol and settings used.  One cannot say exactly how long a treatment may last because it is individualized depending on type of skin, genetics, evironmental factors and general health.  I would not recommend Skintyte for cellulite.  The treatment may help wrinkling of skin under the arms but it depends on the severity of the wrinkling.  One will not visualize immediate results, so take before pictures and pictures about two to three months after your last treatment to visualize results.  Skintyte is best of mild skin laxity and not wrinkling.  Overall, Skintyte can be a very effective laser.  Please verify the laser technician or physician has experience with the laser prior to treatment.

I would suggest you contact Sciton and request information about a physician available in the Washington, D.C. area.

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