Stomach Crunches for Abdomen Skin Tightening After Significant Weight Loss?

I'm a 27-year-old male that is approximately 5'3-5'4 in height. Over the past 3 years I dropped 90 or so pounds (227 lbs to 137 lbs). All the weight was lost through diet and exercise (walking). However, I have at least 2-3 inches of excess skin that hangs in the abdominal area. Can stomach crunches or exercises resolve this problem, or is surgery the only possible solution? While I have no plans for surgery at this juncture, I might consider in the future but would prefer an alternative.

Note: I am aware that loose skin is normal with significant weight loss.

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Tummy Tuck Probably Best Solution

The safest and most effective way to recontour your midsection would be with a tummy tuck. This would get rid of fat, loose skin and correct separated abdominal muscles to give you a flatter stomach. It may also be able to get rid of some of your stretch marks, if you have any.

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Stomach exercises following massive weight loss and prior to tummy tuck

Unfortunately tightening skin is probably the "holy grail" of plastic surgery. If we could tighten skin without surgery then we would not have to perform face lifts, tummy tucks, breast lifts, etc.

There are no technologies that satsifactorily and consistently tighten the skin despite the claims made.

I am a strong advocate of Pilates or Yoga style core strengthening as opposed to crunches and traditional situps that sometimes aggravates the appearance of a rectus diastasis.

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Excercise will NOT significantly tighten Abdominal Skin

All the exercise in the world will not shrink loose, damaged abdominal skin. In many cases, such skin has lost its elasticity, has stretch marks and physically cannot snap back to fit the new small body frame.

Although surgery is THE way to go, you MAY want to read about Scition's SkinTyte treatment. They use multiple sessions of treating the dermis with Infrared light while keeping the top of the skin cool. The improvement may just be enough to meet your cosmetic goal. You may want to check sciton's website and photo gallery to see it.

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