Skin Tightening for Saggy Knees

I have loose skin at my knees. My legs have always been my best feature and now that is going south too! I would love to find a procedure that could help in this area but haven't seen anything so far. Smartlipo?

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Loose skin at knees

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Depending on the amount of loose skin present at the knees, Cellulaze may be a good option to tighten the skin.  Cellulaze is a minimally invasive in office laser procedure that treats cellulite.  One of the methods in treating cellulite is to improve the skin quality by increasing its thickness and tightening the skin.  A study showed an average of a 25% increase in skin thickness and 29% decrease in skin laxity (looseness) after one year with Cellulaze treatment.  Surgeons have been employing Cellulaze to tighten skin in different areas of the body with some good results.  An in person consultation may help determine if this minimally invasive option is good for you. 

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