Radio-frequency Machine for Tightening Facial Skin?

I just turned 40 and I want to know which radio-frequency machine do you recommend for tightening facial skin? I have heard of treatments like Velashape, Fraxel Laser, CO2 Laser, and a Brazilian machine called Inovate. Thanks.

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Radio-frequency for skin tightening

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Radiofrequency skin tightening technology currently is the best technology for non surgical skin tightening. The liftique procedure uses Inmode radiofrequency technology to obtain surgery like results with any scalpels, stitches or incisions.

Skin TIghtening

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Thermage radiofrequency is great for tightening skin on the face.  CO2 fractional lasers, is not a radiofrequency treatment but a traditional laser treatment, it resurfaces the skin and offers some tightening benefits. Thermage is great for all skin types. It does not have any downtime and is FDA approved as a non-surgical face lift treatment.  You can learn more about Thermage on their website and/or schedule a consultation with a dermatologist that offers this treatment.

Lani Clark, MD
Los Alamitos Dermatologist

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