Is There a Product That Really Does Tighten Skin?

Is there a product that really tightens skin? What if I lose enough weight so that the skin just tightens around the breast? Is that possible? I have been overweight for ten years, had a baby, and now I am losing weight. My boobs are on the floor. Help!

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Breast Lift in a Tube?

There really is no product that can bring elasticity and turgor back to stretched out and lax skin after weight loss or having children/ breastfeeding. Unfortunately, we have no miracle lotion to restore sagging breasts. Some products out there tout that it can firm the skin of saggy breasts like "Mama Mio's Boob Tube", and these are good at hydrating the skin and providing some firmness superficially, but they don't come anywhere close to lifting or making breast perky like implants or a breast lift procedure does.

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