Most Effective Treatment for Tightening Neck and Eye Area?

I had a traditional facelift and lower eyelid surgery 6 years ago. Since then I tried Thermage with minor improvements. Two years ago, I tried Active FX around the eyes which did lift the upper eyelids for about 2 years. Would like an effective treatment to extend the benefits of the plastic surgery. I am considering a mid face lift and neck lift or laser treatment.

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A broad question

I like to think of aesthetic improvements in Days, Weeks, months and years.

Daily treatments should include; Retin-A, Zinc Oxide sunblocks and healthy foods loaded with anti-oxidants.

Weekly treatments should include; exfoliation, skin peels, exercise and plenty of rest.

Monthly treatments should include; in-office peels, facials, fillers, Botox and stress-relief massages.

Yearly treatments should include minor surgeries by well-trained plastic surgeons to give you moderate, natural improvements without the "done" Look.

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