Skin Too Tight 4 Months After Lower Blepharoplasty?

I had lower Blepharoplasty 4 mths ago. The surgeon made incisions on the outside eyelids, just below the lower eyelids & took pinches from the outside corners. I am 38 yrs old. 4 mths on and there remains a real tightness below my eyes and there are slight wrinkles appearing from the outside corners, downwards towards the nostrils. (eye shape is fine). It's hard to explain but feels like I have a hard face mask on all the time. I am scared that the tightness will remain forever. Please help

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Agree photos are helpful.

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It sounds like you had transcutanous lower blepharoplasty.   Tightness is subjective but this may be due to lack of normal movement of the lower eyelid which can develop after this type of surgery.  It is possible the you surgeon cannot hear your concerns, you might benefit from an independent second opinion.

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Photos will help

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As you mention, it is hard to explain, and photos will be really helpful.

But in general, when cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is performed, there will be a residual tightness that will develop because in most instances skin is removed and underlying tissue tightened.

Now, depending on the body part that was operated on, that tightness may just be annoying, or it can have adverse effects on the function of that body part.  That tightness will more likely than not improve bit by bit, day by day, though it may take a few months. The process can be accelerated with precise massage of the affected body part in the proper direction/vectors. The massage should not be done too soon [ waiting at least 2 weeks is a good rule of thumb]

You should NOT start massage on your own. This  MUST be approved by your surgeon, and he/she can explain the direction/duration/firmness of the massage.

If your eyelids are not closing properly, it can lead to both the feeling of tightness and the sensation of dryness and foreign body sensation. This usually will improve with time, though sometimes intervention with massage and/or lubricating tears/ointment may be necessary.

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