Procedure for Skin Shortage in Corner of Left Upper Eyelid?

I have skin shortage, hollowness, and scarring in my left upper eyelid from upper eyelid surgery performed in 2006. What would be best for me to do?

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Upper eyelid hollowness

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It is unfair to judge your post op results without seeing the preop pictures. You may have a relative hollowness in the upper lip even without surgery. If this hollowness bothers you it can be corrected by judicious micro-fat grafting bellow the orbicularis oculi muscle.


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I would agree that you definitely have a hollowness about your eyes. This is especially noticeable in the medial area of the upper lid. This is due to overly aggressive removal of fat from the medial fat pad. Your surgeon did the "typical" upper eyelid surgery-removal of skin, muscle and fat. Unfortunately too many surgeons don't understand that very, very minimal fat needs to be removed.

Your eyes are very symmetric and I wouldn't agree with the skin shortening unless you say that you are having problems with eye closure in the medial area of the eye.

The way to correct this is submuscular fat grafting to the deficient areas. I would do this on both sides.

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