Skin Sensitivity After Smart Lipo on Flanks

8 wks post smart lipo on flanks. feel worse than at 2 wks! sunburn-like pain is so bad i can't wear a bra (not good when you are DD's). wear silk nitegown almost 24 hrs a day becus anything touching me hurts. i wore jeans at 2 wks and i can't now. i know they took out a lot as i had rolls on my back and they are gone. previously had abdomen done and this is worse, much worse. benadryl doesnt help at all.

What can I do?

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Sensitive skin after Smart Lipo

It is not uncommon to have sensitive skin after any form of liposuction.  It can sometimes last for months, but yours seems to be more sensitive than the average.  Make sure to see your surgeon to be sure it is within normal for the scope of work done.  If it is, you can try a lotion containing lidocaine or menthol available over-the-counter.  It will get better with time.

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