Will Skin Return to Normal After Restylane? (photo)

Thanks to some of you docs who answered my previous post - I want to clarify my before and after pics-they are only 6 months apart! The before pic with the bangs is from July 2011. The restylane I received is Jan 2012. I find it hard to believe my skin looks so bad in a 6 month period! The Vitrase was to try and reduce some of the resty in the lower jowl area. My eyes look very deep set now due to the volume under the eyes. If you look at my before pic-I just wanted a little volume in the cheeks.

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The acne scarring and volume loss present would potentially require a combination of volume addition and resurfacing. Use of vitrase in the jowl area would not have caused this effect.

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Restylane and removal

Based on your photo's, it looks like you need to add volume, not remove. Restylane removal wouldn't cause pitting as shown in your close up photo, and it's unclear why you would have it removed? There are other options for overall volume, and consulting with a well-informed and trained injector other than your previous provider might be a good start.

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Return of skin to normal after Restylane

Typically Restylane lasts six months to a year and depending upon where it is injected sometimes even less. After this time period, your skin will return to normal.

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