Skin Resurfacing Needed

How much does skin resurfacing cost? Because I have scars like, all over my face and I checked to see how much it would cost and it said 500 dollars per session, but I don't know how many sessions I will need, Someone PLEASE HELP :)

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Skin Resurfacing for Facial Scars

There are many options for improvement of facial scarring. Much depends on the depth and extent of scarring, as well as your skin type, so  that pictures would have been helpful to better make suggestions that would work for you.

Your options include microdermabrasion or dermabrasion, which may involve multiple sessions depending on the amount and depth of scars. Another option would be a TotalFX fractional laser resurfacing treatment which includes DeepFX for scar improvement and ActiveFX for skin texture improvement as well as evening pigmentary changes.

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Many options for scar improvement - costs are variable

Without seeing any photos it is difficult to say whether you would benefit most from scar revision (removing scar and replacing with a better, less perceptible scar) or dermabrasion (sanding of the scar tissue) or a combination of both. Depending upon the procedure and amount of work required, the costs are generally $500-1000 but can be significantly more expensive if the procedure needs to be performed in the operating room under anesthesia. However, the main concern should be placed on finding a qualified plastic surgeon to help you rather than the absolute cost. Finding a cheap solution that doesn't provide the results that you want and deserve will not benefit you in the long run.


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