Best Skin Resurfacing Laser for Hispanic Skin?

Hi I want to know what tipe of laser is recommended it for hispanic skin to get rid of smile lines just that area thank you

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Laser Skin Resurfacing for Hispanic Skin

The best treatment for the smile lines is fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser such as Active FX. Using this laser along with a good skin prep minimizes inflammatory hyper pigmentation risk, which is otherwise common in Hispanic skin types. From El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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Safer "laser" for Hispanic Skin Smile Lines - Nasolabial Folds or Lips Lines?

I'm not sure if your reference to smile lines means the Nasolabial folds or the lines above the lips. Nasolabial folds (deeper lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth) are generally caused by volume loss above the folds. This volume loss allows the skin envelope to drop - making the folds more prominent.

I treat a lot of folds by not treating them at all. By injecting a volumizing agent such as Sculptra (or Radiesse if the volume loss is cheek only - though that is often only part of the cause) you can refill that envelope and the Nasolabial folds become more shallow - frequently no longer needing any treatment at all.

On the other hand, if you are referring to vertical smile lines above the lips - then laser "may" offer some improvement. Smiles lines are difficult to treat. Sometimes the tiniest touch of Botox will lessen the pursing those muscles make. With a true laser, your Hispanic skin will very likely hyper pigment.

A non-laser resurfacing choice may be your best bet. eMatrix uses radio frequency energy which spreads under the skin's upper layers instead of on top. This dramatically reduces the risk of hyper pigmentation in darker skins since there is less activation of melanin cells with this sublative technology.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
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Laser for Hispanic Skin

Total FX has been a great tool in our practice to treat Hispanic Skin, however you should be pre-treated to avoid hyperpigmentation issues. Make sure you go to an experienced physician who has this state of the art technology.  Good Luck!  

Roy A. David, MD
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Which laser for hispanic skin

I would say no laser for darker skin.  You are likely to emerge with both wrinkling and hyperpigmentation.

I would reccomend dermal fillers only.



Dr. Malouf

Peter Malouf, DO
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Laser is not good for smile lines but can help upper lip vertical creases

The smile lines, or smile folds, also called nasolabial or meilolabial folds, are defined as those creases that run as parentheses from the outer nostrils down around the corners of the mouth to the chin. These creases are best treated by fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, and Radiesse but not laser or other resurfacing devices. Lasers can help the vertical upper lip creases that bother women because of their appearance and as they allow lipstick to "bleed" into the creases.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Smile lines are better treated with dermal fillers than lasers

Smile lines are formed due to a decrease in soft tissue in the midface and around the mouth.  Replacement of that soft tissue with dermal fillers is very effective in treating smile lines.

Lasers can help tighten the skin and improve skin texture, but they are not great at getting rid of specific folds of skin.  The light device that would be particularly helpful is IPL like Sciton's SkinTyte, which is used to heat up dermal collagen and cause both an immediate contraction and some longer term new collagen deposition.

A laser that can also help tighten the skin, that is safe for all skin types is the fractional erbium laser.  I recommend that my patients with skin type IV through VI use a hydroquinone based bleaching cream for two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Emily Altman, MD
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Best resurfacing laser for Hispanic skin

A series of fractional CO2 resurfacing is best. Consider concurrent Botox injection in the same area.

Peter T. Truong, MD
Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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