Best Treatment for Tired Look in Smokers?

I have been smoking for four years and look seriously tired. I have tested various products in hope to eradicate the tiredness but failed. Wearing makeup does not work because I still look the same. What can I do to solve this ongoing problem?

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Treating Smokers' complexion: start with smoking cessation

There is no question that smoking damages your skin along with general health. Smoking cessation and privacy other lifestyle changes (diet, exercises, sleep, sun exposure) must first be considered.
Skin Health can be improved considerably with retinol and there's probably a need to kick start your skin treatment with a regime that accelerates exfoliating and epidermal renewal using chemical peels or topical AHA.
Persistent lines and wrinkles can be selectively treated with toxins and fillers.

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Rejuvenation for smokers

Most important thing to do right away is smoking cessation and strict daily sun protection. Chronic sun exposure will exacerbate loss of collagen triggered by years of smoking. Start with a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist to review vitamin C serum and other topical anti-oxidants in the morning prior to sun screen and prescription strength topical retinoid at night. You would benefit from Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, before or after filler injections to replenish loss of volume along upper cheeks and nasolabial folds.

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Tired Looks in a Smoker

It is hard to assess without photographs but here is my guess on what is making you look tired;

1. Poor skin quality

2. Deep melolabial grooves (smile lines)

3. Low eyebrows (brow ptosis)

4. Heavy upper eyes from extra skin (blepharochalasis)

5. Heavy fatty bags in lower eyelids

So, in essence there are a lot of things that can contribute to your tired looks. Smoking is part of it but there are a lot of correctible things that you can get fixed by seeing a qualified physician.

P.S.: Please try to quit smoking


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