Best Skin Rejuvenation for Atrophic Skin After Infini Radiofrequancy Machine by Lutronic Company?

I am 39 y old female was with perfect skin .I had one session of infini radiofrequancy, done by imdad distributor of lutronic in saudi arabia. That was 7 weeks ago. Now the skin looks waxy yellowish to whitish in color ,atrophic wiyh undrlying atrophy of subcutaneous fat , the condition is worsening week by week ,what is the best skin rejuvention options , i used retin a , vitamin c, but i feel like skin is deed ,no receptors , the is sudden wrinkling of the face over forehead, chin, nasal deformity

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Infini has an extremely safe track record in my hands. A distributor is not an appropriate person to treat you.

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I'm sorry for your misfortune.  For fat loss, fillers, Sculptra, or fat transfer can improve this very easily.  I have found the Infini to be extremely safe in my hands.  If the needle depths are not appropriately adjusted to the area that is treated, the needles can be in the subcutaneous fat and injure it.  Also we have found that high energies are not needed, and moderate settings are getting the best results.  A distributor of a device is not legally allowed to administer the procedure in the US and should never be done.  With over 200 cases under my belt, I have had no long term complications and I have very happy patients.  I'm the largest user of this device in the US.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Atrophic Skin post radiofrequency

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I would advise returning to the physician or to a dermatologist for an expert opinion regarding the changes that you have observed. It is always best to correctly identify the problem first before considering possible treatment options that may be needed.


Christine Brown, MD
Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon

How to Rejuvenate Thinning Sensitive Skin After A Laser Treatment

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Without the benefit of an examination i would deduct that you have very sensitive skin that is easily inflammed and now has been subjected to the effects of your radiofrequency skin treatment. The collagen producing cells in the deep layers of your skin have been damaged.  With time and careful treatment these cells should return to normal. With your sensitive skin type, you should be careful too avoid:

  •  Any harsh exfoliation or abrasion procedures
  • Be extremely careful before undergoing any laser treatments.

Your recovery will be slow but can be hastened with the following regiment:

  • Moisturize frequently
  • Use a natural mild Anti-inflammatory Product
  • Use a topical that will induce dermal collagen production
  • Use of a sun-block to help avoid any continued inflammation
  • Discontinue the use of the Retin-A.. this product may be prolonging the inflammatory process.

You might find the following link helpful:    Good Luck

I also feel that any mechanical manipulation of the skin (including the use of a dermal roller) may worsen you problem and should be avoided. suggest you follow the attached link and review the section on sensitive Asian skin. 



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