Skin Very Puffy After Rhinoplasty from 1.5 Years Ago

I had rhinoplasty 1.5 years ago. My doc broke my nose in effort to bring it closer together & make it narrow, but it didnt heal right & my bridge is wider than before. To make matters worse, my skin is puffy, in the bridge & even between my eyes skin looks raised or as if a fatty layer has formed underneath my skin. There is no definition whatsoever. My doc says he can do a 20- min "in-office" procedure of filing down my bone on the sides to make it look narrow on the sides and top. Advise?

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"Puffy" Skin 1.5 Years after Rhinoplasty

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Your swelling has resolved 1.5 years after your rhinoplasty. The fullness you describe is probably secondary to scar tissue, which is very unusual, or the position and contour of the underlying bone. It is difficult to make any suggestions without pictures of your nose but if you have doubts get a second opinion from another rhinoplasty specialist.

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