Skin Protuding on Hip Area Where Tummy Tuck Scar is Located?

I had a TT about 4 wks ago. The skin on both my hips where the scar is located is very soft and I'm able to pinch and grab it very easily. The skin protudes out almost as if it is pointy and sticks out over my jeans, so it makes me look like I have a very large muffin top. I never had excess skin/fat on top of my hips where the scar is before the procedure. I'm worried my hips will remain this way and I will not be flat like I hoped I would be. Why is this and will it go away?

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Swelling on the hips after tummy tuck

Hi, it is way too soon to say if thats only swelling or if there is any other problem. 4 weeks is not enough time for the wound/incisions and swelling to settle down, i recommend you be patient and follow up with your surgeon as scheduled. revisions can always be done later after enough time has passed and in most cases, none would be required.

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4 weeks after surgery its common to have swelling. What it sounds like to us is a term called doggie ears. It happens after a tummy tuck on some patients. It can be improved let the swelling go down give it at least 6-9 months if its still there you might want to see your PS to see about your options.

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