Skin Peeled, but No Results?

I did a 25% TCA peel on my face, neck and décolleté. I did the peel at home, and got beautiful results on my neck and décolleté. Even though my face peeled Very heavily ( came off in sheets ), after the peeling finished my skin looks exactly the same as before it peeled!!!! My goal is to reduce the appearance of my large, visible pores, is that impossible with TCA peels? Is it very unusual to get heavy peeling but ZERO improvement in appearance?

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TCA peel at home

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Results from chemical peels can be highly dependent on the pre-peel skin care regimen. It is not wise for someone who is not trained in skin care to perform TCA peels as the acid is strong, and if not applied expertly can lead to scarring. I suspect your lack of result came from inadequate pre-peel treatment. Seek out a licensed aesthetician or plastic surgeon to assist you in safely obtaining the results you desire.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Do not use TCA for an at home peel

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Do not do TCA peels at home.  This is a potentially dangerous chemical if done incorrectly and can leave permanent scarring.  If you got a decent result consider yourself lucky.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Results of peel

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Peels should be administered by a medical provider. It can take a series of well administered peels to achieve the desired aesthetic. Best of luck.

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