Is My Face Suppose To Have Dry Patches 2 Days After Skin Peel?

I used a skin peel called a fusion peel from My face is patchy dry in areas and it seems like the moisturizer is not cutting it, it is day 2, is it supposed to be like this and how long before this patchy dryness goes away. The peel has a ph of 0.9.

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Are patchy areas of dry skin normal after a peel?

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  Be careful with "at home" peels, because you never know what or whom your getting it from.  That said, the fusion peel is a "medium" depth peel according to the company's website.  Therefore, it would be normal to expect brown, dry patches in areas that are about to start peeling.  At this time, you really want to start protecting your skin so that the new, healthy skin can grow in without scarring.  I would suggest you wash your face at least 3 times daily with a mild cleanser and antibacterial such as Cetaphil and then apply a healthy layer of Aquaphor after each wash to protect the healing skin.  Both products are available over the counter.  Do this for another 3 days and you will be fine.  Good luck.

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