Skin opened up under the left breast and bleeding 3 weeks after the breast reduction surgery. (photos)

I had breast reduction done on Jan 31st. Both breasts were severely swollen towards the arm pits. I had fluid coming out under my left breast by the stitches with minor bleeding. 3 weeks later the skin opened up, bleeding and spreading. My PS first thought it was due to swelling and now she says it could be suture rejection. Suggested to cover the wound with guage moistened with normal saline. It's been 12 days I don't see much improvement. ( No drains we're used in the procedure). Thank you.

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Wound issues after reduction surgery

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are very common.  The vast majority heal with TLC and the concept to remember is moist wounds heal faster than dry, scabbed wounds.  Ointments, Silvadene, saline all accomplish this so use what is recommended and convenient for you.  And if things worse, please keep your surgeon informed.

Wound separation

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You have had a wound separation which could be for several reasons. In addition to the saline gauze I might add Silvadene cream to speed healing and prevent infection. Dr. Corbin

Skin opened up under the left breast and bleeding 3 weeks after the breast reduction surgery.

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure.  Unfortunately,  these types of delayed healing problems are not uncommonly encountered, especially at the "T junctions" (related to blood supply and tension concerns). These wounds go on to heal through a process of contraction where the tissues heal from the sides towards the center of the wound; this process usually takes several weeks to occur, depending on the size of the wound. Occasionally, removal of unhealthy tissue (debridement) and/or removal of exposed sutures, may expedite the healing process.   

Best wishes;  despite the separation/wound it is most likely that you will be pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure.

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