Treatment Options for Loose Skin on Inner Thighs

There are also bumps. It is probably losing weight and gaining it back again since I know myself. I'm 36 yr old woman. I workout 2 times a week but am not a fit person.

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Inner thigh lift can work well.

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Of course everything depends on your exact anatomy, but in the right woman, an inner thigh lift works well, and the scars are generally acceptable.  Non invasive treatments usually don't do much.

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Treatment for Loose Skin

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Without pictures or examining you in personal, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  However, for loose skin, you will likely need some sort of surgical procedure.  Non-invasive treatments do not have a great effect on loose skin.  In many cases an inner thigh lift can help remove excess inner thigh skin.  However, it requires an incision that extends from your thigh crease and wraps around the your inferior buttocks crease.  This is the best way to hide the incision.  There is another method with an incision which extends down the inner part of your thigh, but these incisions are very visible.


Good Luck.

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