Lax Skin After Fraxel Laser

I am a 50 year old Eurasion woman and had a Fraxel treatment last November. The immediate result was that my skin felt like clay, i.e. it lost mass in the inside, although the outer layer felt thicker. It has been 5 months since.There is slight improvement on the laxity but it is still very lax and there has been hardly any improvement on the pigmentation or sun-damage for which the fraxel was done in the first place. What happened? Was the setting used too high? Will this condition repair itself?

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Fraxel would not cause laxity

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I do not think that Fraxel was the cause of your skin laxity if that is your question. It might be that you felt Fraxel would improve your skin kaxity more than it did, however, Fraxel does not necessarily treat skin laxity. Sounds like there may need to be better communication with your provider.

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